South StrEat Gourmand Container Park


Food parks have been an instant boom in the business industry here in the Philippines lately and who wouldn’t love to give it a try? But for us, people from the  South? It is not that easy to travel to Quezon City and visit the ever famous The Yard at Xavierville. 

Recently, a new food park just opened and guess what? It is located here in the South! Yes! It is the South StrEat Gourmand Container Park!

It is the third branch of StrEat Food Park. The other branches are located in Maginhawa and Commonwealth both in Quezon City.  The third branch is named South StrEat Gourmand Container Park. Their exact address is at EVEREST SKY PITCH Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Road, Silang, Cavite. If you are from Tagaytay, you will pass by AUP (Adventist University of the Philippines) and the food park is just a few meters away.


So here is a detailed guide.
Credits to South StrEat’s Official Facebook Page.



Let’s get down to business. The ambiance? How about their food? Parking Area?

The food park opens around 4pm and as you enter you will be amazed by the colorful and oops! Did I mention that it has an art centric / pastel beach feels? Just don’t wear any long sleeves if you are expecting the weather would be like in Tagaytay. It is an open area so please expect direct sunlight and a lot of customers especially in the afternoon. Well, that’s in my case because we visited the park around 4:30 pm and by that time, all of the tables and chairs are already occupied.

It is good to visit the park with your friends. Why? It is because you can try all of the food and share it with them. At least you got to try all of the food every stall offers.

Together with my partner, we were both hungry and tired that is why we chose to eat rice meals. Our first stop is at #GroupHog!


I ordered Crispy Binagoongan and they called it in BABE MEAL. Isn’t it cute? Hehe! It comes with Rice and Side Dish for only 200php. They also have HOG BUDDIES (Pulutan Size) for 250php. My partner ordered Sizzling Liempo. It comes with Rice and Side dish for 200php.


While we are waiting, we got to try other food stalls and I was fascinated by other people holding containers with their names on it. That’s why I found Crazytella!

Crazytella offers Waffella, Slabs and Fryce Cream. I tried the S’moreprise Waffella. Sizes are Small for 160php and Large 200php. Other Flavors are Hazelnut Brownie Fudge, The Real OG (Oreo), Hello Caramelo, Cookie Crazy and Birthday Party.

      S’moreprise Waffella for Franz!

The last thing we tried is a burger, but my partner was the one who bought it and I can’t remember the name of the food stall. Sorry 😦 But it is yummy! Superb!


As soon as we are finished, we saw a lot of cars outside the parking area and probably waiting for an empty slot. For those who have their own vehicles, please be patient because of the small parking area of the food park. But for sure someday they will be able to have a much bigger and wider parking area.

Thank you, South StrEat for not failing us! Definitely a good place to chill and enjoy our favorite food! 🙂

If ever you’ve been there too, let me know how was your experience. *winks*




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