About the writer


Rufranz Caadan, 22.

 Yes, I know that my first name is kinda confusing but it is the combination of my parents’ name. Aspiring travel, food and photography blogger. Based in the Philippines. Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English graduate but currently in the field of business specifically sales and marketing. Some of you might have some questions on this part, maybe I’ll have the guts to explain it here someday. 🙂

I’ve been always in love with adventures and long road trips, trying new food and cafes, take photos and conduct shoots. I seek for myself. I am dynamic, competent and unique. I have a busy life and most of the time, I am sleepy.

I want you to have a piece of my world. In this blog, I will express my thoughts about everything. Everything that I find worth sharing, of course. I’ll try to update this blog every now and then. Bear with me, please! Hihi!

Welcome to my blog! 🙂

Rufranz Caadan 🌸